Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cheating Momma 3

Mommy visited auntie Suko and her 5 cats today. Mommy said that she wants to catnap them... I hope she's not thinking of replacing me just because I scratched her yesterday. Sheesh I told her I was sorry.

Duke visited me once, a week after I was adopted to welcome me home. He ate my food, played with my toys and took over me and mommy's bed.

Duke has 4 brothers and sisters. Mommy said they're all very sweet and friendly cats. Ella is mommy's favorite... She chirps at birds!

Here's George. Mommy said he fell off the couch when he was turning over for a tummy rub. What a dummy. Fine that happens to me too... But I umm do that on purpose... Yeah.

Heres Shooter with Duke. He wasnt a fan of all the little kiddy hands grabbing him and went away for some privacy. Auntie Suko said he's usually the friendliest. I understand. I don't like children either.

Last but not least here's gizmo the Maine Coon. Auntie Suko found him abandoned on a bridge when he was a teenie baby. He's a bit shy.

Sounds like a house full of fun. I miss having kitty siblings... Daddy says one day I can have one...but I have to be patient.

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  1. Zero, it would be cool if you got a little brothercat or sistercat!

  2. We agree with Daisy! Sibling are lots of fun, and you can blame broken stuff on THEM!

  3. Having a sibling or 2 can be nice, but too many can get a bit tense sometimes.

  4. (sigh) This seems to be a universal problem, Zero. Every time Mom sees a kitty she pets it, and oomes home smelling of strange cat.