Friday, November 4, 2011

I know what Santa's getting me...

Momma found these on today, and they're only on sale for 3 days! Dunno why she bought 4 of the DJ Scratching Decks tho..... they better all be for me.

If you're not already a member you can use this link to sign up: Then mommy gets money. :)

Cat DJ Scratching Deck
Tank Playhouse

UPDATE: No more tank playhouse for me. Momma says i probably won't fit. I hate her..


  1. Hmmmm...4 of the same toy? Is there something your Mom isn't telling you? Like, maybe Santa is bringing you a brother or sister?


  2. Aww, we thinks you can fit the tank! Then you'll be all tanked up! Hahameow!