Monday, April 16, 2012

Warning to all cats

Stay away from this thing...

I think mommy brought this evil thing home since I went into the bathroom this morning while she was getting ready for work, meowed at her, and coughed up a huge messy fur ball on a pile of clothes. She had to clean it up and ended up being late for work. I don't like the furminator at all and kept running away from it...but it kept saying "I'll be back" and finding me.

This thing kept attacking me! I think mommy got this to make a clone of me to replace me. I see it forming right in front of my eyes. I'm scared.

Message from mommy:
Don't believe him. On a serious note I have been having a difficult time finding a brush that works on him and his super fine undercoat. This is the 7th brush I purchased and it works the best so far but it's very static-y and messy. I had to run around catching the chunks flying around since zero likes to eat his own fur. Even pulls them out of brushes. Grrr. What do you recommend for long haired cats that's not so messy to use?

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snap Alarm

My usual methods of waking mommy up this morning didn't work. When I pulled the covers off of her she just said "hi" and pulled the covers back up. I had to try something new. So I started biting her bra strap, pulling it back a few inches and letting it go so that it would snap back and hit her. After about 8 times of doing that I saw mommy reaching for her phone. I wasn't about to let her catch my crime on video so I ran away. It worked... She woke up.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy National Pet Day!

Mommy says we need to introduce all my brothers and sisters today, even though i'm the only one that lives with her.

me me me!

Hidaka lives with my grandparents since he's too big to live with mommy, and grandpa absolutely adores him. He's an Australian shepherd and he just turned 7.

Mommy wanted to bring Taro with her when she moved but the grandparents and her decided that Taro should stay with them since a change of environment would shock him. He's approximately 26 years old .... Which is ancient in cockatiel years.

Mommy was a bad mommy here. She didn't want to move with them. They were all feeder fish. The oldest is 8 years old and is now 7 inches. The youngest mommy won at a bazaar playing a ping pong toss game so she named him PiPo. She forgot what she named the other 4. She's a horrible horrible mommy.

Mashi & Vivi
Mommy and daddy got them about 3.5 years ago, and they live with daddy. They love people and greets everyone that visits. There was a third goldfish named Fleep that occasionally played dead for the last year or two. He finally really died a couple weeks ago. Mommy and daddy were sad. :(

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Long lost twin?

Mommy and I think I have a long lost celebrity twin. Tonight we were watching the "big bang theory" and we saw a cat that looked just like me!

This isn't the first time this happened. Last year when mommy and i were watching "Bones" on Netflix, we saw him then too!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

I stole a collar from a chocolate bunny today. What did you do?

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