Monday, April 16, 2012

Warning to all cats

Stay away from this thing...

I think mommy brought this evil thing home since I went into the bathroom this morning while she was getting ready for work, meowed at her, and coughed up a huge messy fur ball on a pile of clothes. She had to clean it up and ended up being late for work. I don't like the furminator at all and kept running away from it...but it kept saying "I'll be back" and finding me.

This thing kept attacking me! I think mommy got this to make a clone of me to replace me. I see it forming right in front of my eyes. I'm scared.

Message from mommy:
Don't believe him. On a serious note I have been having a difficult time finding a brush that works on him and his super fine undercoat. This is the 7th brush I purchased and it works the best so far but it's very static-y and messy. I had to run around catching the chunks flying around since zero likes to eat his own fur. Even pulls them out of brushes. Grrr. What do you recommend for long haired cats that's not so messy to use?

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  1. Wow. That's a lot of fur. None of us are long-hairs so we don't know. Sorry.

  2. We use the FURminator here, so we really don't have many other suggestions! And I LOVE being brushed, unlike Zerochi. My human does not use the FURminator on me all the time, though, and NEVER on my tail (it's not good to use for tail hair). More often she uses a slicker brush, since the fur on my body is not as long, and a comb for my tail. I know they used to have brushes for cats that looked like regular human hair brushes - have you tried one of those? They probably collect fur better and don't scatter it as much as the FURminator.

  3. That is a big pile of fur! Kozmo and me is both short hairs. Mommy trained all the long haired cats who came before to like being vacuumed - yes by the vacuum cleaner! It takes time, but Mommy says its worth it. Me (surprisingly) don't mind either! Me lays on the bed and rolls around waiting for it when they vaccms the bedroom. But Kozmo likes being brushed with a dog brush.

  4. We have 2 Furminators! They really do work the best but you're right, the fur has a tendency to fly around. Our mom also uses a comb too on Zoey and that works well, too.

  5. Zero dear, take it from me...being Furminated is better than getting clumps and having to be SHAVED!!!

    Love & hugs

  6. We are sure glad we gots short furs an get all the brushin we need by TBTs hands!