Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fat and Phat

Daddy and mommy took me to the vet today. My carrier has always been a bit tight, but it did seem tighter than usual. Mommy had a hard time shoving me in, especially since I was playing dead.

In addition to murdering my tapeworm, I had a physical and some blood work done. I passed my blood test but I got in trouble for gaining weight. 1.5lbs in 6 months is supposedly bad. I used to be bulimic... But mommy found me a food combination I can keep down so I don't vomit as often as I used to. Is it also possible that the tapeworm weighs 1.5 pounds?

Speaking of vomit I coughed up a hairball this morning as you can see by the gunk on my paw. It was on mommy's paw too since it was on our bed and she stuck her hand in it when she was getting out. Bwahaha.

Yesterday I saved mommy's life. She thinks it's her Starbucks addiction but I think it was this phat cat. Mommy had to go to grandmas by 10am so she was going to catch the 9:30 bus to get there just in time. She was taking the day off from work and was planning on sleeping in, but I didn't let her. So she woke up earlier than planned and decided to take the bus before so that she can stop by Starbucks. Turns out some stupid 21 year old that lost control speeding ran over the bus stop at 9:30 killing a guy that was waiting for the bus mommy was originally planning on taking. I think mommy owes me a whole bag of greenies for saving her life. Oh wait ... I'm on this stupid diet now. Boo.

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  1. Zero, you are a big hero for saving your mom's life!!!!

  2. Zeorchi, diet or no, you deserve some treats for saving your human! Or at least a brand new cat tree.

  3. Zero, you deserve to eat that bag of greenies and bomit all you want! (at least fur a day)

  4. Diet, shmiet! You saved Moms life, you should get LOTS of treats today!!!

  5. I don't think you look fat, Zero dear. In fact, I think you look perfect!

    Love & hugs