Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mail Time

I'm back.... momma's been too lazy to help me blog. If Tipper forgot about me, I will hate momma forever...

Some time ago, when i was hanging out in the lobby of our complex while mommy was getting her mail, some woman stormed in and ran up the stairs. This scared me lots. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, and slamming the fire door with my head and body making a huge ruckus. Mommy ran over before i could hurt myself, and opened the door so that i can go back into the safety of our home. I'm still too scared to go out into the lobby, but i'm finally able to wander around in the hallway again. These pictures are from when i was too scared to even step foot outside our unit, so i would wait at the door for mommy to come back with the mail. She thought i looked creepy so she took pictures. I hate her. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bad Nelson

Mommy just came back all out of breath. The last 3 nights she's been checking up on Nelson and Fletcher while their family is vacationing at Disneyland. It's been weird for me since mommy will come home, feed me, then disappear for about 20 min. When she comes home all I smell is cats. It takes me another 20min of cuddling and licking to get their stench off of her. To add salt to the wound by cheatery she gave them my greenies, and let them play with my toys. Can you believe that?

Anyways back to mommy coming home out of breath. She thought she either lost Nelson or he died. When she opened the door Fletcher started screaming his lungs out. Nelson was nowhere in site. He usually greets mommy first. Mommy looked everywhere for him. Finally she found him quietly sitting behind a closed door. He must have trapped himself in. Mommy carried him to the water but he didn't drink (he's a drinker) so she thinks/hopes it just happened. I would never lock myself in a bedroom! I'm no dummy. Okay fine... There is no bedroom door. Mommy thinks there's a possibility that Fletcher did this to Nelson. As soon as mommy put Nelson down by the water, she thought she heard a snake. It was Fletcher staring up at her hissing.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dirty Nose

Mommy really needs to clean. She opened her bedroom window to air the room out. She put a cushion by the window so that I could breathe in the fresh air and guess what happened? Dirt... Lots of it. On my nose, in my nose, on my was yuck. I ran over to mommy to have her wipe it off for me. She did...most of it. Then she took a picture.

She said that there was a warning sign so I should have been more careful. She annoys me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As you may know, mommy keeps my litterbox hidden away in a black box. Mommy cleans my litterbox daily, but occasionally I get a full pan of clean kitty litter. Normally mommy takes the pan to the bag of kitty litter to fill, but today she filled the pan next to the black box since she can now pick up the bag. As soon as she turned around to put the bag of kitty litter away I hopped right in. It's the first time she watched me go potty! She stared the entire time. Since it wasn't stinky she thought I just did a number one, but when she scooped she found a giant turd in there too.

Here's me pooping. The open black box next to it is where my litterbox normally lives.

I practice good hygiene. I always clean my paws when I'm done. I even went into the black box to wipe my paws out of habit. Like mommy, I enjoy looking at what I just pooped or peed out as you can see in this video.

YouTube Video

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