Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As you may know, mommy keeps my litterbox hidden away in a black box. Mommy cleans my litterbox daily, but occasionally I get a full pan of clean kitty litter. Normally mommy takes the pan to the bag of kitty litter to fill, but today she filled the pan next to the black box since she can now pick up the bag. As soon as she turned around to put the bag of kitty litter away I hopped right in. It's the first time she watched me go potty! She stared the entire time. Since it wasn't stinky she thought I just did a number one, but when she scooped she found a giant turd in there too.

Here's me pooping. The open black box next to it is where my litterbox normally lives.

I practice good hygiene. I always clean my paws when I'm done. I even went into the black box to wipe my paws out of habit. Like mommy, I enjoy looking at what I just pooped or peed out as you can see in this video.

YouTube Video

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  1. There is nothing better than going in a freshly-cleaned litterbox! You sure are an enthusiastic scratcher, too.

  2. My goodness Zero, you certainly are thorough. I see you even gave the wall a few scratches, just for good measure!


  3. Kit scratches that much, too!

  4. First, ta answer your comment question, "yes froggies taste like chicken". At least that what LC used ta say. We've never tried one ourselfs. Which may explain why there are so many of them around now.

    Second, we loved the litterbox story. We been watched (discretely) often, but we dont care. We have even used a litterbox while it was bein cleaned (TBT politely turned away).

    Third, TBT buys our Tidy Cat litter in big buckets at Walmart, and uses a sturdy plastic food scoop ta divide it among small containers ta make it easier ta handle. In fact, we will post about that soon! With helpful pictures!

  5. Don't you love how the humans never give us privacy and would even take pics of us pooping? MOL.