Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bad Nelson

Mommy just came back all out of breath. The last 3 nights she's been checking up on Nelson and Fletcher while their family is vacationing at Disneyland. It's been weird for me since mommy will come home, feed me, then disappear for about 20 min. When she comes home all I smell is cats. It takes me another 20min of cuddling and licking to get their stench off of her. To add salt to the wound by cheatery she gave them my greenies, and let them play with my toys. Can you believe that?

Anyways back to mommy coming home out of breath. She thought she either lost Nelson or he died. When she opened the door Fletcher started screaming his lungs out. Nelson was nowhere in site. He usually greets mommy first. Mommy looked everywhere for him. Finally she found him quietly sitting behind a closed door. He must have trapped himself in. Mommy carried him to the water but he didn't drink (he's a drinker) so she thinks/hopes it just happened. I would never lock myself in a bedroom! I'm no dummy. Okay fine... There is no bedroom door. Mommy thinks there's a possibility that Fletcher did this to Nelson. As soon as mommy put Nelson down by the water, she thought she heard a snake. It was Fletcher staring up at her hissing.


  1. Oh, poor Nelson. Thank Cod, your Mommy found him!


  2. How skeery! We used to get accidentally locked up in the closets cuz we would dart in when opened. Now, mommy just doesn't shut them. hee-hee (that's how it should be) xoxo

  3. OMC! Our Mommy would have just about fainted.

    We hope she won't be cheating on you much longer!

  4. We are glad Nelson was OK! But we hope his Beins come home soon. You dont need his smell on yer Mom...

  5. Poor Nelson! Kit gotted locked in the pantry all day once. It was awful.