Saturday, April 30, 2011

Momma hairball

Mommy's worried about me again since she saw 2 inches of her hair sticking out of my mouth. If u know mommy you know she has very thick long hair. Since only 2 inches was sticking out ... that means the other 3 feet of her hair was inside of me. When she tugged on it it ticked so I swallowed it before she had a chance to cut it. This is why she never complains when my fur gets in her mouth. She has no right to. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I didn't know making a bed was so much fun! Mommy washed her sheets today and so I helped. I'm such a good boy.

YouTube Video

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I scared mommy last night. It was fun.

Mommy's near sighted so she took off her glasses to play 999 on her DS. I usually talk to her when I'm about to get on the bed, or jump on her to startle her. This time I tried something different. As stealthy as i could, I crept up to mommy and made the weirdest sound I could make. Kinda hissy, windy and drawn out.... "pppssshhhhhhhhh~"mommy looked around and said "zero was that you? zeroichi.?" and since she didn't see me anywhere, she went back to playing her game. I quietly jumped up on her bed, without her noticing and said "pppsssshhhhhh~" again.  Once again mommy sat up and looked around for me. I stayed as low and still as I could so she wouldn't see me. She looked so confused it was funny. When she gave up looking around for me she started to lean back... and there I was right where she had just looked a millisecond earlier.  A foot away from her face staring at her with my super dilated eyes. She freaked out, and I could hear her heart beating like crazy when i crawled onto her chest. I WIN

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Bunny Day

Mommy said today was Easter. I think it's a bit unfair that there's a day dedicated to rabbits and not cats.  This morning mommy gave me some tuna and egg for breakfast before she left to spend time with the grandparents and Hidaka. Mommy told me Hidaka got a real egg hunt but thought that would make me sick so she gave me a plastic round thing instead. I saw mommy filling it with my snacks but I couldnt figure out how to open it. I tried giving it back to mommy for about 5 minutes until she finally gave up and opened it for me. Yum yum. Easter is kinda fun.

Mommy thinks I look more like an earless rabbit than a cat 
at the end of the video. She's mean.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Caught Sauce Pawed

I'm in trouble again. Mommy's dinner looked yummy so I snuck up on her and stuck my paw in it. She scared me when she yelled at me and I ended up putting my paw on the couch and losing most of the sauce on it. What a waste...

mmm that okonomiyaki looks yummy...
let me try some....
better lick it off the couch too.

Friday, April 22, 2011


It's 11:30 and mommy just came home. Whats that I smell? Sniff sniff. CATS??!!..what's she doing hanging out with cats when I've been patiently waiting for her to come home. I demanded she tell me the truth, and she admitted to playing with 2 cats. One was a funky eared scooter riding kitty. Does that make him cooler than me? I just knew she was up to something because she started sawing away at a baguette as soon as she got home from work. I tried feigning the flu by vomiting my dinner....but she still left me to hang out with her neighbors. I think she should've cancelled her plans and stayed with me. Mommy better sleep with her eyes open tonight.

Fletcher - One of the Kitties Mommy Cheated on me With

Here he is riding a scooter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teriyaki Cluck Cluck

Mommy didn't come home until 9 tonight. I missed her so much she could hear me crying even before she opened the door. After she gave me dinner she told me she had a surprise for me. She saved me some teriyaki chicken from Sushi-tei. She wiped off most of the sauce so it was more like plain grilled chicken but it was still super yummy. I know she has more in that white box. I hope she forgets to put it in the fridge tonight. Bwahahaha

UPDATE - I laid down next to mommy last night and we watched Ally McBeal on Netflix together.  I tried to make her extra comfy so that she'll fall asleep and forget about the leftovers on the counter.  It worked...she fell asleep but so did I. She woke me up at 2am to go to bed but put the leftovers away first. boooo  :(

It's not my fault

Mornings are super stressful cuz mommy won't wake up at 6:40 when I get hungry. This morning mommy covered her head with a blanket and went back to sleep. I pulled the blanket off her face and stared at mommy. I meant to kiss her eye but I ended up biting her eyelid by accident cuz I was hungry. Mommy got mad at me but I don't think it was my fault. If she served me breakfast when I asked her to then this wouldn't have happened.

hungry and grumpy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I need acting lessons....

This morning i tried something new. The extreme guilt method.  While mommy was sleeping, i sat on the floor and gave her the sad wide eyed stare. Every time her eyes opened, I would meow as quietly as I could so that she'd think i was fading away from hunger. When she finally followed me to the kitchen I plopped down on my side and positioned myself in front of the empty food bowl as if I was completely passed out. Mommy wasn't buying it, since i still had dry food left.  As soon as mommy filled my bowl with yummy pot roast, I forgot about my whole "i'm dying cuz you won't feed me act" and stood up so mommy will give me the spoon to lick.

I push veggies aside like mama.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Mommy thinks its funny that I drool when she pets me. I'm actually very embarrassed about it and wish that she would just leave me alone. She says she's laughing with me... But she's the only one laughing.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I know mommy misses my brother/uncle Hidaka, an australian shepherd she left behind when she moved out of grandma and grandpas. Still can someone tell her I'm not a dog?! I'm a cat...I shouldn't have to work for my treats.

YouTube Video

Look she even gives me dog toys to play with. :(

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Mommy visited the Tri-Valley Animal Rescue's website today, and saw that they had a facebook page.  After "like"ing the page, she noticed that there was a gallery for "TVAR Critters Adopted 2011" and found me, among 74 other cats and dogs that were adopted so far this year. We are all so very lucky, and owe a whole lot of thanks to TVAR for saving our lives. However I do have one complaint... why that photo?  I'm way better looking than that! I thought everyone used their best photos on online dating sites. humph.  Mommy tried to make me feel better by telling me that she's glad a bad picture of me was used, because she thinks Hollywood would've snatched me up instantly if they saw how gorgeous I was and we would not have found each other. Love you mommy. <3

Look Ma...I'm famous.

My TVAR profile picture.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mini Me

Auntie Sandra lied. She didn't bring Slayer with her. But I did get a new toy. Mommy made a miniature me out of felt. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...I like it, but it creeps me out at the same time.

1. Yay! New Toy.
2.'s not very exciting
3. Hey! don't take it from me. I love it!
4. Yeah... i don't really like it. Take it back.

Frontal View
Rear View
I'm bigger and better.
*Wack!* Now you're dead. 
“My Buddy, My Buddy,
Wherever I go, he goes."

Party Time

Auntie Sandra is bringing Slayer over tonight so that I'll have someone to play with while the adults hang out. I'm a little bit nervous but mommy said that Slayer is a good boy and would cuddle and lick my bootie hole for me. Yay. I am so excited. I will let you know how that goes. I have to go get ready now.

Are they here yet?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Bad

Mommy's mad at me.

I bit her this morning. I didn't mean just happened. Mommy was sleeping so I stretched out in one of my favorite places...up in her armpit. As I was dozing off I started licking mommy's arm, got a bit carried away and bit her.  Mommy was mad.  :(

YouTube Video
"herro eburiwan. me asian like mommy"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mommy's been very worried about me lately since I've had a cold. Earlier today I partially sneezed out a thick gooey booger and so mommy tried to pull the rest of it out. Boy was that uncomfortable. It made me go into a giant sneezing frenzy cuz it tickled. I hope the little blue warriors in the Kleenex kills the evil villains in my nose real soon.

Hee hee.....I was still able to make mommy laugh when I blew like 10 booger bubbles in a row for her. She grabbed her phone to take a picture but I got a bit shy. Maybe next time.


Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm a Mommy Molester

As usual I woke up 20 minutes before mommy's alarm went off and tried to convince her to wake up early. How rude! I think she's learned to tune me out.  I wonder what she'll do if i stuck my tongue in her mouth. *poke* ....  yay she's petting me "puuurrrrrrr". Wait...that's it? that only lasted about 5 seconds. *poke*. "purrrrr", *poke*, "purrrrrr".  BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP... mommy reached over to turn off the alarm and went back to sleep...... or so I thought.  She was laying there like a zombie with with her eyes open. Is she dead? *WACK* right in the boobies..... eeek! She's alive.... RUN!

"Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband..."

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Daddy brought breakfast this morning from McDonalds. We all sat around the dining table as daddy unpacked the food. Ooh daddy got a McGriddle meal, mommy got a Big Breakfast, and i got.....Hey! Where's my food?! Ooh mommy's not looking right now. I wonder if she'll notice if I stole a pancake. Eeek she caught me. I guess I'll settle for a chunk of scrambled egg she's breaking off for me.


Friday, April 8, 2011


Mommy is NOT a morning person. She stayed up a little too late last night, so my regular wakeup routine didn’t work.  My meowing  was absolutely useless, I tried pulling the covers off of her but she didn’t care,  when I slammed my full body weight on her stomach she screamed and yelled  but promptly flipped over and fell back asleep.  I didn’t know what else to do, so I climbed onto her back to think of a plan D.  *PING* a plan popped into my head.  I climbed off her back, and sat down about 6 inches   from her face, leaned forward to give her a quick slobbery kiss and observed. I tried again… this time she started shaking. I tried again….the shaking turned into full blown giggles. Finally after 5 tries, she gave me a hug and went to the kitchen to make me breakfast.

After I finished breakfast, I went back into the bedroom to check on Mommy. She was sleeping again! I jumped on the bed, and made myself comfortable on her feet, and watched her hit snooze every 5 minutes for 20 minutes until she jumped out of bed in a panic and almost fell over since my 12.5 lbs had put a foot to sleep. 

Wake up already....sheesh

Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Zeroichi.  Before I was adopted my name was Levi, but my new mommy didn’t like it so she decided to rename me. Mommy really wanted to name me “Ichi” because she adopted me on 1/11/11.  Daddy wanted to name me “Zero” after a character in MegaMan.  Since daddy thought mommy should get a hamster instead of a cat, she agreed to name me Zero in the hopes that he would warm up to me faster. And that is how I became “Zeroichi”.  (Don’t worry, Daddy loves me now.)

You are probably wondering why a cat like me was put up for adoption.  I originally had 4 siblings…canine and feline. When I was 5 years old, my ex-father ran into some financial difficulties, and had to choose which one of us to surrender to the East County Animal Shelter.  I was picked, since the ex-father thought that I had a higher chance of being adopted since I was declawed.  Thankfully I was rescued by the Tri-Valley Animal Rescue (TVAR) before I was given a drug overdose, and put into foster care with a wonderful family.  Since daddy threatened to declaw a cat mommy adopts,  mommy was searching for clawless kitties on PetFinder and found me. When mommy found out that I was about to move into a display cage at Petsmart Dublin for 2 weeks, she panicked. So that very same day, Mommy and Auntie Sandra left work early to drive an hour to Dublin to meet me. I went home that night. 

Going Home