Saturday, April 16, 2011


Mommy visited the Tri-Valley Animal Rescue's website today, and saw that they had a facebook page.  After "like"ing the page, she noticed that there was a gallery for "TVAR Critters Adopted 2011" and found me, among 74 other cats and dogs that were adopted so far this year. We are all so very lucky, and owe a whole lot of thanks to TVAR for saving our lives. However I do have one complaint... why that photo?  I'm way better looking than that! I thought everyone used their best photos on online dating sites. humph.  Mommy tried to make me feel better by telling me that she's glad a bad picture of me was used, because she thinks Hollywood would've snatched me up instantly if they saw how gorgeous I was and we would not have found each other. Love you mommy. <3

Look Ma...I'm famous.

My TVAR profile picture.


  1. Oh Zeroichi, you are beautiful in all of your photos!!!