Friday, April 22, 2011


It's 11:30 and mommy just came home. Whats that I smell? Sniff sniff. CATS??!!..what's she doing hanging out with cats when I've been patiently waiting for her to come home. I demanded she tell me the truth, and she admitted to playing with 2 cats. One was a funky eared scooter riding kitty. Does that make him cooler than me? I just knew she was up to something because she started sawing away at a baguette as soon as she got home from work. I tried feigning the flu by vomiting my dinner....but she still left me to hang out with her neighbors. I think she should've cancelled her plans and stayed with me. Mommy better sleep with her eyes open tonight.

Fletcher - One of the Kitties Mommy Cheated on me With

Here he is riding a scooter.


  1. You should ask your mommy to be taken along for the next get together! I think Fletcher would completely freak out.

  2. Mommy thinks she might host the next one. I think Fletcher should come too, since we have no place for him to hide....So he'll have to play with me. yay!