Thursday, July 14, 2011


Soon after the fleas moved in, mommy started finding these tiny brown seed like things everywhere. She found a pile on my side of the bed. Last night she found some fresh ones on my butt when she was flea combing me and freaked out again. She did online research and she's pretty sure I have tapeworms. An article said that fleas can infect cats with tapeworm and these segments that she's been finding are a delicacy to them. Gross. She sent a photo to my vet and is on the phone with them this morning to see if i need to go in. This whole flea thing sucks! :(

Update: confirmed. I have tapeworms.


  1. Tapeworms are very common, so do not be too sad. You do get them from eating an infected flea. You'll see what look like grains of rice around your bottom, and when they dry, they look just like little sesame seeds (in your photo). Those are just little segments from the whole tapeworm which is long and flat and can be FEET long! Luckily it is easily treated.

  2. My sisfur Princess had tapeworms when she comed to live with mom and dad. Usually, one or two small pills take care of it. Nasty critters. Get better soon.

  3. Oh no, Zero!! You must take your medicine so you can get all better. I'm sending purrs your way to help you.

    Love & hugs