Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flower Toy

First of all thank you for the flea advice. Mommy thought that maybe there was only one flea here...the one she caught but she went to petsmart just in case to get me frontline. I think she should've gotten frontline for herself. So far she's the only one they're interested in. She has 18 bites. Sucks to be her. Turns out there was another flea that tried to eat mommy tonight so she caught him too. Mommy's keeping them in a water bottle to show other fleas in the neighborhood a glance of their fate if they choose to stick around.

Obviously my thank you to you was not for frontline cuz that's yuck... But for getting mommy to petsmart! She found new yummy food! This is what I got for dinner tonight. Super yumminess!

She also found a whole bunch of toys for me. Including this flower. She said it was on clearance. No wonder it breaks easily...

YouTube Video


  1. We've never had to use Frontline so we don't know if it's yukky or not. We hope it protects you.

    You know, Zero dear, I prefer to think your Mancatly strength and super muscles made that toy break!


  2. That food looks yummy!

    I agree with Tipper, you are just too strong for that toy!

  3. Fleas can be so pesky and it sounds like they're really loving your Mom!

    Good on you for getting yummy food and a new toy!

    The Chans

  4. Ya gotta werk to keep fleas offa the Mom.

  5. I'm so sorry to announce it. Maybe I should just stay quiet.
    Hmm. I follow your blog for a few months now. A few days ago I was reading about Unit 731 of the japanese. The leader of them has been... yes. Look for it your self. it's probably not a word worth if you don't get what I mean. And I know it probably sounds completly different if a native is speaker say it.

    Oh, something more nice: Will get a cat in a few weeks :) A red one. So excited :) I will send Zeroichi a picture of him. I think it's important to have international friends for cats.