Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

Here is me sharing my costume with my new cousin olivia and brother/uncle Hidaka. I'm so nice. Santa better be good to me.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mommy has Crabs

Mommy told me not to use that title. But i don't care. This is what she gets for leaving me home alone saturday night. Didn't she learn her lesson the last time she left me home alone? this time i left a huge pile of puke on the hardwood floor and a smaller pile on the rug. 

Mommy stayed with the grandparents Saturday night since she and grandpa had to leave at 4am to go deep sea fishing. Mommy said the trip was a success and she was able to take home 10 rock cods, 6 dungeness crabs and 2 rock crabs. Grandpa did too so that's a whole bunch of crabs and fish! I only saw 2 crabs and 6 fish filets tho....that's all mommy brought home since she left the rest for the grandparents to pass out to friends. We shared a crab late last night, and today we had pan fried cod. Both were super duper yummy.

Video: I don't like it when mommy doesn't pay attention to me:

extra pics:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Slayer Hates Me

Today I had a play date. Auntie Sannie and uncle Dorie brought Slayer over to play with me. Mommy said that he was a super sweet cat that gets along with everyone. I was scared at first but I eventually started to feel more comfortable around him. But i hissed at him ... A super tiny one when he came too close to me and i think that got me on his bad side. Because a little while later when mommy was holding me and auntie San was holding slayer and we got too close he straight up open mouth hissed at me with saliva chunks flying everywhere. Even in my eyes! That was scary. I was shaky for a bit and decided to give slayer some space even though he was in my house.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I gotz killed

.... by mama. I hate her.

Lobster Award?!

I didn't get a lobster! MOM! Did you eat my lobster? huh? Liebster? Oooh! Nellie gave me a Liebster Blog  Award? This is totally awesome! Thank you Nellie! This is a picture of me accepting the award. Momma says that i look very proud of myself in this photo...well I am. 

I am a bit worried that Nellie might have a crush on me.  She told me recently that she walks around naked all the time. And now she gave me an award with a huge red heart on it! I have a girlfriend so this is a bit awkward.... what? Mommy just told me that Nellie gave 5 blogs this award so stop being such a dog.... i hate her.

The Cat from Hell - Penelope 
Nellie is a very pretty 12 year old lilac point siamese. She seems to have had a very rough babyhood, but luckily she was adopted into a wonderful family. Being born on the wrong side of the tracks, she still has the right amount of naughtiness in her to make her a sexy bad girl. Her family is also pretty cool. Her feline brother catches quails and their human parents roasts it for them for dinner!!!!

So it seems that this award is not just circulating among us, the superiorest living species on earth... but to all blogs no matter the subject. Why anyone will want to blog about anything other than cats... i have no idea. In order to accept this award, there's 4 steps one must take:
1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
2. Thank the giver and link back to them.
3. Reveal your top 5 pics and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
4. Hope your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.

Here are my top five...

Crew's Views
I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone. This is my favorite blog, since this is the only way I get to see my girlfriend Tipper. You see, we're in a long distance relationship (Wisconsin, California). Tipper comes from a fairly big family. Not only does she live with her human parents, but she has 2 feline brothers, George and Max, and one feline sister named Misty. Their feline nephew Gino and some human children visits them often. 
Mark's Mews
I don't know who Mark is, but this blog belongs to three great cats, Ayla, Iza and Marley. They call their human TBT for "The Big Thing"and get away with it. If i called mommy that, she'll get mad and say that i'm calling her fat. Daddy has to put up with that all the time. Anyways, there's always great advice and pretty flowers on their blog. And my buddies at Mark's Mews are always giving me wonderful advice whenever I need help. 
The Poupounette
This is one HUGE melting pot of a family. There's the human parents of course, a canine dog named Tom, 4 feline siblings Bibi, Tama, Sei, Genji and a horse named Vidock. They live in France, and they are kinda Japanesey like me. They live surrounded by lots of nature... so different from the tiny condo mommy and i live in.
Athena the Torbie Cat
Athena is one very sweet cat. She is currently taking a break from blogging to take care of her sick human mommy. They have had a rough year, since her feline brother Kit was also very sick earlier this year. We are all keeping our paws crossed, and hope that her mommy feels better real soon. 
This is Grandmas Blog. She likes to paint, but she hasn't painted my portrait yet. Maybe one day she will. She's been busy painting a multi-language ABC & Number book for my human cousin Olivia who was born in August. Auntie Kathy added the text and had it published into a hard copy book. 

My apologies for the horrible formatting. Mommy messed it up. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Girl

I am the luckiest mancat alive. My girlfriend Tipper had some sexy photos taken of herself just for me! She even took her collar off. I can't stop looking at her. Isn't she pretty?

Mommy said I look like a perv in these photos...sorry Tipper. I got too excited. I didn't mean to step on your face. I was imagining you were here with me.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gato Burrito

I scared mommy today. I usually sleep next to mommy on the bed. She was about to fall asleep and felt me on her leg so she looked over to pet me and I wasn't there. She was calling out my name but I didn't move. I was completely wrapped in her "hanten" (a Japanese robe). She poked me but i still didnt budge. I had somehow managed to roll myself into a burrito and stay completely still. Mommy thought I wasn't breathing. She had to crawl out of the warm bed to turn the light on to check on me. This is actually pretty comfy. I think I'll sleep like this the rest of the night.

YouTube Video

You might want to skip to the end of video to see that I'm okay. I did such a good job laying still the video is boring.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy birthday to me...

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear me-e-e
Happy birthday to me.

According to my adoption paperwork today is my birthday. Mommy said its probably a fake birthday since she was told I was estimated to be 5 years. 12/1 is probably my surrender date. Still mommy said she would rather celebrate what she thinks is my birthday than my gotcha day so she made me a cake. Tasted disgusting so I made her serve me something else that I liked.

After dinner lots of people came over. I thought it was my birthday party but momma said it was a farewell party for a neighbor. That makes sense. Taz was my only friend that showed up.

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