Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gato Burrito

I scared mommy today. I usually sleep next to mommy on the bed. She was about to fall asleep and felt me on her leg so she looked over to pet me and I wasn't there. She was calling out my name but I didn't move. I was completely wrapped in her "hanten" (a Japanese robe). She poked me but i still didnt budge. I had somehow managed to roll myself into a burrito and stay completely still. Mommy thought I wasn't breathing. She had to crawl out of the warm bed to turn the light on to check on me. This is actually pretty comfy. I think I'll sleep like this the rest of the night.

YouTube Video

You might want to skip to the end of video to see that I'm okay. I did such a good job laying still the video is boring.

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  1. What a silly little burrito you are!

  2. Hahameow! We bet it was warm and cozy! We luf to skeer the Mom, about once a week. MOL!

  3. I'm relieved to know you were OK in there, Zero dear. My brother George loves to sleep in the blankets, all curled up and has scared Mom a few times when he didn't move!


  4. We get all still like that unner the blankies sometimes. TBT cant figure out how we can breath unner there fer hours...