Monday, December 19, 2011

Mommy has Crabs

Mommy told me not to use that title. But i don't care. This is what she gets for leaving me home alone saturday night. Didn't she learn her lesson the last time she left me home alone? this time i left a huge pile of puke on the hardwood floor and a smaller pile on the rug. 

Mommy stayed with the grandparents Saturday night since she and grandpa had to leave at 4am to go deep sea fishing. Mommy said the trip was a success and she was able to take home 10 rock cods, 6 dungeness crabs and 2 rock crabs. Grandpa did too so that's a whole bunch of crabs and fish! I only saw 2 crabs and 6 fish filets tho....that's all mommy brought home since she left the rest for the grandparents to pass out to friends. We shared a crab late last night, and today we had pan fried cod. Both were super duper yummy.

Video: I don't like it when mommy doesn't pay attention to me:

extra pics:


  1. MOL! I bet your human was worried you were gonna steal that crab! I bet it was REALLY yummy!

  2. Oh Zero, you are so brave! I would be skerred of that big ol' crab!

  3. Umm, we thinks you got the Mommy back fur not payin attenshun to you! Hahameow. That title was hee-larious. Those crab pics were a little skeery. We don't really get those in Oklahoma. MOL! xoxo

  4. Cool! Crab! Last time me played with a live crab, it nipped my paw with its claw!