Friday, December 16, 2011

Slayer Hates Me

Today I had a play date. Auntie Sannie and uncle Dorie brought Slayer over to play with me. Mommy said that he was a super sweet cat that gets along with everyone. I was scared at first but I eventually started to feel more comfortable around him. But i hissed at him ... A super tiny one when he came too close to me and i think that got me on his bad side. Because a little while later when mommy was holding me and auntie San was holding slayer and we got too close he straight up open mouth hissed at me with saliva chunks flying everywhere. Even in my eyes! That was scary. I was shaky for a bit and decided to give slayer some space even though he was in my house.

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  1. Too bad your playdate didn't work out, but what do you expect with a cat named Slayer? I don't think a playdate would work too well here either - we barely get along with each other!

  2. Reminds me of Thank Giving Day when I travelled 2 hours ta meet Lucy, An after all THAT, she HATED me... I was unmiliated!

    Sometimes, it just doesnt werk...


  3. Well, he does look just a little bit mean...

  4. We are sorry it didn't work out! We have a hard enough time here getting along, we can't imagine a feline visitor...we'd be spraying for weeks afterwards.

  5. Wes HATES other cats! Specailly when they is in OUR house. Us cats just don't does play dates. Me hisses at strange peoples too!

  6. That's not nice! But then again, he is called "Slayer" right? What can one expect?!

    The Chans