Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy International Box Day!

I was visiting some friends today, and found out from them that today's International Box Day! I like boxes a lot so I think this is now my favorite holiday. Mommy's been talking about the 4th of July....something about celebrating independence. I like boxes more than being all alone. Box day wins.

an old video of loofa and me...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AFK No More

I'm baaaaccckkk! So... Aunt Kathy's baby shower was this past Sunday and so mommy took Friday and Monday off for the preparation and recovery from the event which meant that mommy got to spend lots more time with me. Downside was that she was so busy making things for the party and playing a new computer game with daddy called Terraria that it left very little computer time for me. I hate both of them. I originally had no idea she took Monday off so i tried everything I could to wake her up. I meowed non stop for about an hour in a rhythmic monotone voice that tricked her into thinking I was her alarm. It was funny watching her hitting the snooze button! Then I tried the cute I need affection act by shoving me head under her hand for some pets. I licked her arms, shoulders and nose but that didn't really work either. I jumped on her chest and crotch... She groaned in pain but still didn't get out of bed. The only time she did was to feed me breakfast and when I started licking a used dryer sheet. Seriously don't you think I have a bad mommy since she didn't get out of bed until I tried to kill myself?!! Anyways she grabbed the dryer sheet away from me and shoved it between her mattress and crawled back into bed. When she finally got up it was 11:30!!!!!! She still wasn't trying to get ready for work. She just grabbed a cupcake and plopped down in front of the tv. I went to the door and meowed for about 10 minutes to remind her to go to work but she just laughed at me. I hope she still got paid cuz if my menu suffers because of her laziness I will be one very angry kitty.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The theme of Aunt Kathy's baby shower mommy's organizing is an afternoon tea with a Japanese twist. Mommy's been working on origami balls to place near the flower arrangements to add the touch of Japaneseyness. I tried to help but I get distracted easily.

Me: hey mommy, how can I help?
Mommy: you can start by folding the paper in half
Me: like this?
Mommy: yeah
Me:I'm tired, I think I'll watch you instead.
Mommy: fine
Me: mommy! Look at me!
Mommy: ... Cute
Me: you didn't even look...
Mommy: Zero...I'm kinda busy
Me: I hate you. Munch munch much
Mommy: stop it.

2 days later... Mommy finally finished one ball.

Mommy: I quit. One is enough. Let's make cranes instead.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Earning my Keep

Yesterday was a very emotionally busy day for mommy.

As usual it started off with sadness when she left me to go to work. When she returns from work she usually sees me first cuz I'm waiting for her at the door meowing before she even sticks her key in the lock. But when she came home yesterday I wasn't there. I could hear her yelling my name her voice filled with panic and fear that I had passed out somewhere due to the heat. I felt sorry for her so I terminated my pee midstream to run out of the litter box to comfort her. She is such a drama queen. I had to go back into my box to finish peeing 15 minutes later.

Later on in the evening there was a fly buzzing around the house being annoying. i stood on my tippy toes to squish him against the glass door and slowly pulled him down to a comfortable position...and ate him. He was a little crunchy. But still yummy. You should have seen the look of pride relief and joy on mommy's face. Yay!

Here's a picture of what the fly last saw before he died...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Mommy got a huge box today. Inside was a canvas print she ordered from I thought it was going to be a picture of me but it wasn't. It was a picture of Hidaka my uncle/brother. Does this mean she loves him more? Maybe she should be living with him then. Humph.

Now you see him . . .

. . . now you don't.

Video Review "Slow Motion Kitty Yawn"

Today I am reviewing the video "Slow Motion Kitty Yawn" by the famous "TheMeanKitty".  Mommy made me watch it, cuz she thought it was really cool looking. There was something about Sparta the cat in this video that irritated me. I think it was the way he was slowly opening his mouth. I tried to shut it for him,but it didn't work. I had to stop watching was pissing me off.

My Reaction:

Original Video "Slow Motion Kitty Yawn" by TheMeanKitty:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My "+1"

Today was a great day. Tipper has agreed to be my girlfriend. Not the kind of "girlfriend" that paints each others nails, and gossips about boys with. But the kind that you day dream about running in the fields and rolling around in the wildflowers with.

Isn't she adorable?

Maybe it's the guilt of another woman in my life, but i'm feeling extra clingy today. I'm going to go cuddle my mommy again for another hour whether she wants me to or not.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Letter to Tipper

Dear Tipper,

As you have already heard from your brother, I think we’ll make a great couple. I went ahead and photoshopped a photo of the two of us together. As you can see, I believe our matching pink noses make us perfect for each other. I don’t want to sound stalker-ish, but I did view your profile on “catster” and we seem to have a lot in common besides our looks. I may be a bit more vocal than you, but I can meow enough for the both of us.

From your blog entry, I sensed that you were a bit hesitant about dating me. One of your concerns was my age. I am five and a half. Mommy is almost 3 years older than daddy so I don’t think that our age gap would be a problem. But if we’re going by kitty years, then yes I’m afraid that will make you a cougar. But I see nothing wrong with that.

That said, I do have one concern. It seems as though you still harbor feeling for your ex, Mattingly.  I will not be the rebound mancat. Please take some time to sort through your feelings, since I do not want a broken kitty heart.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Look at this ridiculously large hairball I made. I was so very proud of myself for coughing it up. This time I took Fuzzy and Zoe's advice and coughed it up next to the bed so mommy would step in it. But mommy found it before she stepped in it. What a waste of a perfect hairball. Sad.

My Very First Award

Look everyone ...  my very first award! The Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you Zoe and Fuzzy (OKCats) for sharing this award with me. You have changed my life forever. Before this award, I was a loner in the kitty blogging world. The two of you were my only friends. Today i have lots! 

Now I get to tell you five things about myself. Yay!

1. I'm a momma's boy. Mommy always needs to be in my line of sight. Whether she's cooking, pooping, sleeping or watching TV I will always be by her side.

2. Daddy tells me that my meows for attention, sometimes sound more like an old human female. :(

3. I have learned to sleep on top of mommy to avoid getting kicked or smacked while she sleeps.

4. I hate veggies, and will push them aside when its in my cat food. But when mommy feeds veggies to me by hand, I somehow end up eating them. 

5. Mommy loves all animals, but she's always loved dogs the most. She never thought she could enjoy being a cat mommy as much as she would a dog's. I have changed her mind about that silly thought. mwahaha. 

Now I get to share my award with some other kitties. I choose you George, Tipper, Max and Misty (The Crews)!. Thank you so much for introducing me to all your friends! I had such a great time meeting so many wonderful kitties today. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Snot Bubbles

That was a close one.... I almost got dragged to the vet today.  I was blowing snot bubbles last night so mommy got very worried.  She emailed this video along with others to my doctor to see if I needed to be seen right away. Dr. S said it's probably just allergies. Which makes sense since I feel perfectly fine today. I just need to take Zyrtec and have my resting respiratory rate monitored by mommy.  whewww. Thank you Dr. S. for not making me go in, in person. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Too Much Tongue?

"That's what she said" says mommy giggling. she is sooo mature <eyeroll>.

Mommy fed me late today, so i'm going to make her a hairball. But I won't give it to her yet, since i already gave her one today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cardboard Wagon Ride

Today mommy gave me a tour of our home in a cardboard box. Last stop was Mr. Orange Mouse. I don't like it when mommy tries to hang out with us. He's my friend, not hers. She needs to find her own friends.

YouTube Video

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mario Box

Yesterday when I tried to get into the puzzle box daddy yelled at me since he thought I was preparing to poop. All I wanted to do was take a nap. Mommy said the box was too small for me. She was wrong. I've been napping in it all afternoon.

Video Review - "見失うねこ"

Mommy and I watched YouTube videos again today. We found a super funny kitty star in Japan whom we are both fans of now. His name is "Maru".

When mommy first played the video it sounded interesting so I jumped up on her headboard to get a better view. Since i missed the first half of it, mommy replayed it for me. The video was so dramatic, that I got sucked right into it.  You can find the video here:

My reaction:

Super Villain Zeroichi


Not comfy

Mommy woke me up from a deep sleep a few minutes ago and now I can't find my comfy place. Arrggghh.

YouTube Video

Friday, June 3, 2011


I forgot mommy was laying on the couch and I accidentally ran her over during my condo wide agility run. So now she's sick and bleeding. Not my fault. She should've stayed in bed.

Nurse Zeroichi

Mommy doesn't feel good so she stayed home today. I'm on call for when she gets lonely and needs attention.

YouTube Video

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hi my name is George

George George 
George of the jungle
Strong as he can be
Watch out for that tree!

Did I succeed in getting that song stuck in your head? Anyways, mommy's hoping that I'll accidentally eat the grass if she puts it next to my dinner. All it does is tickle my ears. I hate her.