Friday, June 17, 2011

Video Review "Slow Motion Kitty Yawn"

Today I am reviewing the video "Slow Motion Kitty Yawn" by the famous "TheMeanKitty".  Mommy made me watch it, cuz she thought it was really cool looking. There was something about Sparta the cat in this video that irritated me. I think it was the way he was slowly opening his mouth. I tried to shut it for him,but it didn't work. I had to stop watching was pissing me off.

My Reaction:

Original Video "Slow Motion Kitty Yawn" by TheMeanKitty:


  1. Hmmmm. Yes, he does seems to be yawning in slow motion. I'm irritated along with you.


  2. Your computer skills are pawsome! We think it's irritating too.