Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cheating Momma 3

Mommy visited auntie Suko and her 5 cats today. Mommy said that she wants to catnap them... I hope she's not thinking of replacing me just because I scratched her yesterday. Sheesh I told her I was sorry.

Duke visited me once, a week after I was adopted to welcome me home. He ate my food, played with my toys and took over me and mommy's bed.

Duke has 4 brothers and sisters. Mommy said they're all very sweet and friendly cats. Ella is mommy's favorite... She chirps at birds!

Here's George. Mommy said he fell off the couch when he was turning over for a tummy rub. What a dummy. Fine that happens to me too... But I umm do that on purpose... Yeah.

Heres Shooter with Duke. He wasnt a fan of all the little kiddy hands grabbing him and went away for some privacy. Auntie Suko said he's usually the friendliest. I understand. I don't like children either.

Last but not least here's gizmo the Maine Coon. Auntie Suko found him abandoned on a bridge when he was a teenie baby. He's a bit shy.

Sounds like a house full of fun. I miss having kitty siblings... Daddy says one day I can have one...but I have to be patient.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mommy Launchpad

I'm in trouble again. Mommy was resting on the couch watching the ghost whisperer, recovering from black Friday shopping. I decided to make myself comfortable and I "accidentally" pushed my butthole on mommy's nose and laid down. Mommy said there was a piece of poop on my butt and that it was super stinky. She had the nerve to nudge my butt away which startled me. I used mommy's chest as a launch pad and leaped across the room. I left a 5.5inch gash and a 4 inch gash on mommy's chest.

Uncle/Brother Hidaka has been bad too. He's learned to sneak out the yard. Yesterday when the parents took the grandparents home after thanksgiving dinner, Hidaka was in the driveway waiting for them. He's a big doggie and so he scares people. Mommy's worried that he's depressed and can get himself into some serious trouble.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today mommy gave me "thanksgiving day dinner" for breakfast.

A 5 star gourmet entree?! My butthole. It looks nothing like the thanksgiving feast mommy's been telling me about. We were expecting shredded turkey, bits of potatoes and cranberries... Instead we get this...

At least it doesn't taste horrible. Mommy said that dinner will be late tonight but I'll get the thanksgiving dinner I've been dreaming about. Can't wait.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sixaxis Pillow

Momma asked me how this could be comfortable. I was just using it as a pillow so mommy would feel bad about playing. But she just took a picture and pushed my head off. I hate her.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poor Kitty

Mommy's crying. She saw this photo on cute overload that was taken after a flood in Vietnam in 2007, and it reminded her of the tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year. Mommy wanted to take this moment to recognize a wonderful organization that's been rescuing helpless animals like this little guy in Japan following the disaster, JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support). They are no longer accepting monetary donations, but they do have wishlists on Amazon for much needed supplies that can be shipped directly to them.

UPDATE: Mommy just found out that this kitten wasn't rescued. The photographer (Graham Lavery) responded to the cute overload post, and told his story. Mommy understands why he had to leave the kitty be, and hopes that she'll never have to make such a heartbreaking decision like this. So do i. 

Greenies Overdose

Mommy said i did a very bad thing last night. She had overfilled the plastic container she keeps my Greenies® in so it didn't twist shut all the way. I broke into it last night while she was sleeping and ate most of it... like 30 pieces. Momma said that i'm going to get "gastric upset and diarrhea". I don't care. Like momma says when she scarfs down a pint of ice cream..... who cares about the aftermath, it's yummy. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poopie Pillow

As you know, mommys been making me take medicine. It has been a huge struggle for the both of us. Thank you all for the great advice to make it easier for me to take it. I know its good for me, but it still tastes yucky. But it sucks having to take a pill in the morning, and three at night.  After reading the comment from my dear Tipper, I decided i needed to be a man and put up with it too.  Before when mommy shoved pills down my throat i would shake my head and keep my mouth shut making it impossible to get medicine down. If she was successful getting it in and wouldn't let my head go, I would use my tongue and ooze it out the side of my mouth. So imagine how shocked mommy was when i took my medicine Friday night. She knows its a matter of time, but she hopes i stay obedient until i'm done with my antibiotics (8 more days). The Zyrtec and cortizone she's not as concerned about if i lose some of the dose.

But i wasn't about to let mommy get away with it that easily. Saturday morning, when mommy went to grab her phone next to her pillow she noticed a few poo poo paw prints on her pillow. I had left it there the day before, but she didn't see it when she went to bed because she didn't turn her light on. She slept with her head in my poo poo.... BWAHAHAHAHA

This is why i have to take medicine:

Mommy finally caught my coughing attacks on camera. She missed the first 2/3 of it fumbling with her phone:

I sneeze a lot. I blame her for not cleaning:

yummy boogers.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Starving

Mommy won't feed me.

I had a feeling mommy's been reading my diary. Tonight she tried mixing the medicine with the cream cheese like my friends at Mark's Mews recommended. (Super great idea by the way!!!! Thank you) But I saw her doing it, so i wasn't about to fall for it. I decided to track it across the house instead. She tried shoving a dollop in my mouth and i spit it out and stomped on it, tracking more around the house. This made mommy even more frustrated with me. Now she's trying to hide the cream cheese in the greenies pill capsules and tossed them in my dinner bowl. I'm not stupid. She's stupid for thinking i'll get hungry enough to eat it. Two can play this game. I'm stubborn like momma. I'm not going to make it easy for her. I'll just pace around whining and petting her until she gives in and give me dinner.

BTW... do you know the siamese cat song? Humans at mommy's work started singing it when they saw this picture of the two siamese babies terrorizing me at the vet...

Monday, November 7, 2011


Momma got me drugs. She's a bad influence.

She was worried that I had asthma and so she dragged me to the vet today. Dr. S thinks it might just be a sinus infection so she prescribed me a couple different medications to take. They were yucky so I had a hard time swallowing them tonight. The usual greenies pill capsules didn't mask the yuckiness. But momma said I better take the medicine and get better or next time I'll get X-rayed and get a qtip up my nose. Mommy also found a bump on me and Dr. S. picked at it. I heard something about it being a wart or cancer. Dr. S said she'll check for us when I get sedated for a teeth cleaning. Said there's nothing to be worried about but we still are.

To add to the crappy day, there were baby cats terrorizing me while I was stuck in the carrier. Ggrr!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

I know what Santa's getting me...

Momma found these on today, and they're only on sale for 3 days! Dunno why she bought 4 of the DJ Scratching Decks tho..... they better all be for me.

If you're not already a member you can use this link to sign up: Then mommy gets money. :)

Cat DJ Scratching Deck
Tank Playhouse

UPDATE: No more tank playhouse for me. Momma says i probably won't fit. I hate her..