Friday, November 25, 2011

Mommy Launchpad

I'm in trouble again. Mommy was resting on the couch watching the ghost whisperer, recovering from black Friday shopping. I decided to make myself comfortable and I "accidentally" pushed my butthole on mommy's nose and laid down. Mommy said there was a piece of poop on my butt and that it was super stinky. She had the nerve to nudge my butt away which startled me. I used mommy's chest as a launch pad and leaped across the room. I left a 5.5inch gash and a 4 inch gash on mommy's chest.

Uncle/Brother Hidaka has been bad too. He's learned to sneak out the yard. Yesterday when the parents took the grandparents home after thanksgiving dinner, Hidaka was in the driveway waiting for them. He's a big doggie and so he scares people. Mommy's worried that he's depressed and can get himself into some serious trouble.

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  1. Impressive. We thinks the chest is an excellent launchpad! (Mommy doesn't agree wif us.)

  2. Your poor Mommy. Out from under the butthole and into the scratch pad! yikes.

  3. I can't believe your mom did not enjoy a little sniff from your button. It is a compliment to offer to sniff!

  4. Daisy is right, Zero. A polite cat presents his or her rear end for a good sniffing, so you were only doing the right thing.

    We've scratched Mom before, but it looks like you got yours good!