Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poopie Pillow

As you know, mommys been making me take medicine. It has been a huge struggle for the both of us. Thank you all for the great advice to make it easier for me to take it. I know its good for me, but it still tastes yucky. But it sucks having to take a pill in the morning, and three at night.  After reading the comment from my dear Tipper, I decided i needed to be a man and put up with it too.  Before when mommy shoved pills down my throat i would shake my head and keep my mouth shut making it impossible to get medicine down. If she was successful getting it in and wouldn't let my head go, I would use my tongue and ooze it out the side of my mouth. So imagine how shocked mommy was when i took my medicine Friday night. She knows its a matter of time, but she hopes i stay obedient until i'm done with my antibiotics (8 more days). The Zyrtec and cortizone she's not as concerned about if i lose some of the dose.

But i wasn't about to let mommy get away with it that easily. Saturday morning, when mommy went to grab her phone next to her pillow she noticed a few poo poo paw prints on her pillow. I had left it there the day before, but she didn't see it when she went to bed because she didn't turn her light on. She slept with her head in my poo poo.... BWAHAHAHAHA

This is why i have to take medicine:

Mommy finally caught my coughing attacks on camera. She missed the first 2/3 of it fumbling with her phone:

I sneeze a lot. I blame her for not cleaning:

yummy boogers.


  1. Oh poor Zero! I'm sorry you got the sneezies and the coughies! I hope you feel all better soon. Best to take your medicine, okay?

  2. Zero, I know it's terrible and awful, but I want you to take all your medicine like a Mancat so you'll feel better soon.

    Love & hugs

  3. Ha! ha! Mes heard yous was funny, but me did not knows yous was alsio a Cat From Hell!
    Seriously, mes only takes my medicine when Daddy crushes the pill and mixes it with cream and then squirts it in my mouth.
    Mes will be back!
    Penelope the Cat From Hell