Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Starving

Mommy won't feed me.

I had a feeling mommy's been reading my diary. Tonight she tried mixing the medicine with the cream cheese like my friends at Mark's Mews recommended. (Super great idea by the way!!!! Thank you) But I saw her doing it, so i wasn't about to fall for it. I decided to track it across the house instead. She tried shoving a dollop in my mouth and i spit it out and stomped on it, tracking more around the house. This made mommy even more frustrated with me. Now she's trying to hide the cream cheese in the greenies pill capsules and tossed them in my dinner bowl. I'm not stupid. She's stupid for thinking i'll get hungry enough to eat it. Two can play this game. I'm stubborn like momma. I'm not going to make it easy for her. I'll just pace around whining and petting her until she gives in and give me dinner.

BTW... do you know the siamese cat song? Humans at mommy's work started singing it when they saw this picture of the two siamese babies terrorizing me at the vet...


  1. Dear Zero, you haf to take your pills! You are a very smart kitteh to watch where your Mommy puts them in the food. Mebbe too smart fur your own good!

  2. Oh dear. At the risk of helping the Beins, the trick is to mix the crushed meds into the cream cheese, get you trapped between the Beins legs so ya cant back up anny, and THEN smear the cream cheese into yer lips...

    We only mention it cuz it fer yer own good...

    Forgive us please...

  3. Oh my COD...Zero dear, you must come right over. We have plenty of food here and Mom won't try to shove a pill down your throat.

    When one of us does have to take pills, Mom gets us in a headlock and Dad holds onto the back end so we can't scoot out from under her arm. Then Mom pries open the mouth and pops the pill down the throat. When we lick our mouth, that means we've swallowed it!

    Love & hugs