Monday, November 7, 2011


Momma got me drugs. She's a bad influence.

She was worried that I had asthma and so she dragged me to the vet today. Dr. S thinks it might just be a sinus infection so she prescribed me a couple different medications to take. They were yucky so I had a hard time swallowing them tonight. The usual greenies pill capsules didn't mask the yuckiness. But momma said I better take the medicine and get better or next time I'll get X-rayed and get a qtip up my nose. Mommy also found a bump on me and Dr. S. picked at it. I heard something about it being a wart or cancer. Dr. S said she'll check for us when I get sedated for a teeth cleaning. Said there's nothing to be worried about but we still are.

To add to the crappy day, there were baby cats terrorizing me while I was stuck in the carrier. Ggrr!

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  1. Iffen it helps anny, we take pills best when they are crushed on the cutting board and mixed with cream cheese.

    He wipes it into our lips an we just HAVE ta lick it off.

  2. Oh, poor Zero! I'm sorry you had such a bad day.