Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flea Advice Please

Mommy has fleas. She's been looking for them for a few days now and have only found and murdered one. She's freaking out.
Mommy attracts Mosquitos and fleas wherever she goes.9 months ago, before I moved in mommy had a flea problem. They follow her home. Daddy tried to flea bomb her condo then and even turned off the fire alarm as directed. But when the bombs went off so did the main alarm for her complex! Daddy had to run in to open up all the windows and almost poisoned himself in the process!
Does anyone know of any effective and safe methods of getting rid of fleas? Mommys been trying to use herself as bait but she gets bored sitting still. She's worried that the fleas might multiply and get tired of eating her and move on to me. I'm scared...please help.

Help! mommy's huge veiny legs are squishing me!


  1. We hadded a bad case of fleas last year. The bombs didn't work for us. Mama gotted the exterminator in to spray the carpets a couple of times. We hadded to be out of the house while this happened. She also vacuumed efurry day wif a cut up flea collar in the bag and changed the bag outside. Your mommy should put frontline or some ofur flea medicine on you so you don't get bit, she probably has done this already though. We haf also heard that spreading mule borax soap ofur the carpet and vacuuming it up works. Good luck! Fleas are terrible. We are so sorry you haf to deal wif them.

  2. Yikes, it's been a while since we've dealt with a full-on infestation... When one of us gets a flea on us, we all have to get the Frontline stuff (or whatever it is from the vet that you put on the back of your neck). Aside from the bombs and the stuff you can sprinkle in carpets and vacuum up, we don't really know of anything. Probably an exterminator is your best bet. :-/

  3. Mommy googled this and there is alot of info out there. Good home remedies, such as water with a light over it. Good luck!!!

  4. Oh Zero dear, fleas are the worst thing ever! Talk to your vet to see what they say about protecting you, then talk to an exterminator. Good luck!!