Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No spiders on the menu please

So it turns out spiders are not as yummy as flies. A couple days ago, as mommy was getting ready to shower, she noticed me staring at something, and came over to take a look. She is so nosey...sheesh. Anyways, it was a big juicy spider. i played with it a bit, but it was distracting since mommy was staring at me with some toilet paper saying "eat it eat it eat it". To shut her up, i finally reached over and sampled it. I didn't like how it felt on my tongue so i decided to play with it some more. Then it started running towards mommy. She squeaked. That was funny. I decided to just lay down and enjoy the show. But the show ended quickly when mommy flushed Mr. Spider down the toliet. Murderer.

Here's a video of me after I tried the spider. You can see me trying to get the spider yuck off my tongue.

YouTube Video

Oh btw, i may have eaten a flea the other day. Mommy saw a flea stuck to my tongue when i was yawning. She couldn't believe what she saw so she stared at me until i yawned again, and there he was still hanging onto a taste bud for dear life. Mommy tried to make me drink water to wash it down, but i refused to drink. Instead i decided to lick myself to give the flea a chance to flee (hee hee i'm so funny), so he can bite mommy later.

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  1. I enjoy a good spider now and then, but they're hard to come by around here 'cause Mom freaks out when she sees a bug!

    Max S.