Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Earning my Keep

Yesterday was a very emotionally busy day for mommy.

As usual it started off with sadness when she left me to go to work. When she returns from work she usually sees me first cuz I'm waiting for her at the door meowing before she even sticks her key in the lock. But when she came home yesterday I wasn't there. I could hear her yelling my name her voice filled with panic and fear that I had passed out somewhere due to the heat. I felt sorry for her so I terminated my pee midstream to run out of the litter box to comfort her. She is such a drama queen. I had to go back into my box to finish peeing 15 minutes later.

Later on in the evening there was a fly buzzing around the house being annoying. i stood on my tippy toes to squish him against the glass door and slowly pulled him down to a comfortable position...and ate him. He was a little crunchy. But still yummy. You should have seen the look of pride relief and joy on mommy's face. Yay!

Here's a picture of what the fly last saw before he died...


  1. My Mommeh is always sad when she leaves me to go to her day hunting place, too. The reunion at the end of the day is the best time of all!

  2. Hee-hee. That fly had it coming! They drive me crazy, too. I agree, mom coming home is the best! Purrs.

  3. I love it when mama comes home! I would haf loved to see you catch that fly. I bet he was tasty!

  4. I see you take excellent care of your teeth, Zero. That's good. I like a guy who takes pride in his good grooming.

    I, too, enjoy a nice fly at the end of the day. But, in this house, with 6 other cats around, it's hard to come by one!


  5. Wow, ya stopped peein in mid stream to comfort Mommy? That is beyond the call of duty an ya should get a metal fer that! Mebbe gold cuz ya could buy treats with that stuff.

  6. We gotta add that it is allus better fer a kittie ta have live-in kittie companion. We LOVE TBT tons but havin a fur brother or sister is outstanding.

    We dint think so at first, but its true. Two kitties is 3 times as good for us...