Friday, April 8, 2011


Mommy is NOT a morning person. She stayed up a little too late last night, so my regular wakeup routine didn’t work.  My meowing  was absolutely useless, I tried pulling the covers off of her but she didn’t care,  when I slammed my full body weight on her stomach she screamed and yelled  but promptly flipped over and fell back asleep.  I didn’t know what else to do, so I climbed onto her back to think of a plan D.  *PING* a plan popped into my head.  I climbed off her back, and sat down about 6 inches   from her face, leaned forward to give her a quick slobbery kiss and observed. I tried again… this time she started shaking. I tried again….the shaking turned into full blown giggles. Finally after 5 tries, she gave me a hug and went to the kitchen to make me breakfast.

After I finished breakfast, I went back into the bedroom to check on Mommy. She was sleeping again! I jumped on the bed, and made myself comfortable on her feet, and watched her hit snooze every 5 minutes for 20 minutes until she jumped out of bed in a panic and almost fell over since my 12.5 lbs had put a foot to sleep. 

Wake up already....sheesh


  1. Now I know how to wake you up so you'll have a good day!

  2. gross.... that'll ruin my day.
    (mommy wouldn't mind tho ;) )