Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I scared mommy last night. It was fun.

Mommy's near sighted so she took off her glasses to play 999 on her DS. I usually talk to her when I'm about to get on the bed, or jump on her to startle her. This time I tried something different. As stealthy as i could, I crept up to mommy and made the weirdest sound I could make. Kinda hissy, windy and drawn out.... "pppssshhhhhhhhh~"mommy looked around and said "zero was that you? zeroichi.?" and since she didn't see me anywhere, she went back to playing her game. I quietly jumped up on her bed, without her noticing and said "pppsssshhhhhh~" again.  Once again mommy sat up and looked around for me. I stayed as low and still as I could so she wouldn't see me. She looked so confused it was funny. When she gave up looking around for me she started to lean back... and there I was right where she had just looked a millisecond earlier.  A foot away from her face staring at her with my super dilated eyes. She freaked out, and I could hear her heart beating like crazy when i crawled onto her chest. I WIN

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