Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dirty Nose

Mommy really needs to clean. She opened her bedroom window to air the room out. She put a cushion by the window so that I could breathe in the fresh air and guess what happened? Dirt... Lots of it. On my nose, in my nose, on my was yuck. I ran over to mommy to have her wipe it off for me. She did...most of it. Then she took a picture.

She said that there was a warning sign so I should have been more careful. She annoys me.


  1. Your Mommy is a meanie! Signs are for Humans.
    Although your lil' smudged nosie is ADORABLE.

  2. Did it smell good or bad? If sumthing doesn't smell good, we hold our mouf open just a little bit. Enjoy your window whiffies! Purrs.

  3. When you have dirt in your nose, the best thing to do is sneeze right in your mom's face. You know, just so she is aware of it.

  4. That is a cute little smudged nosie! I hope you got some good window whiffies after your ordeal.

  5. Zero dear, I'll be right over and wash your nose for you so it'll be nice and clean!


  6. You poor dear! Our house is always filthy, so we feel your pain. Hey Zeroichi, guess what? I have the same mousies that you have! I like them and play with them a little, but sometimes even FUZZY plays with those mousies! She hardly ever plays with toys!! You know that is a good mousie when cranky geezers play with them.

    Your friend, Zoe