Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"You're Lucky"

... said Momma as she gave me a huge hug today, with her eyes tearing up a bit. Usually she tells me how lucky she was to have found me, so it's unusual for her to tell me that. I was about to write it off with an "auntie flow must be visiting", but then mommy told me what happened today. Yes she's overreacting because "auntie" is visiting, but it does make me feel a bit lucky that mommy and I found each other.

Mommy always comes home late on Wednesdays, since she goes to her parents for dinner so she can play with uncle brother hidaka. As she walked from the train station to her parents home, a grey persian kitty ran up to mommy for some cuddles. Mommy played with the kitty and checked his tag. His name was Papsi, and he lived a couple miles away. Mommy tried calling the number on the tag, but there was no answer. She didn't know what to do. Mommy doesn't drive, and knew that her parents will not let Papsi in the house so she was in a state of panic. She was worried what might happen to him since he obviously wasn't a stray (and stupidly even ran into the street at one point), and all four paws were declawed. She imagined how terrified for my safety she would be if i ever ran away from home.

Luckily mommy ran into a nice family, and asked them for help. They all stood around trying to locate the address on their phones, and chain called the number on the tag. Finally the dad walked home, got his car and cat carrier so that they could drive Papsi home. Grandma came outside to check up on mommy since she was late coming home, and recognized the kitty from when she visited a friend that lives a block away. Papsi was wandering around then too, and grandma's friend told her that her tenant watched cats for people ever since she became unemployed. Grandma went to go see if this person was home, and came back with Holly. Mommy doesn't like Holly at all. Holly said it was her girlfriends cat, and she's told her many times to change the address on the tag since someone will kidnap him because he's too friendly. Yes, it's important to have updated information on ID tags, but that wasn't the point. He should be an indoor only kitty for many reasons. Mommy and the family she was with tried to explain this to her, that Papsi should be kept indoors since he was fully declawed. Holly ignored them, and grabbed Papsi. Mommy doesn't even think she knew Papsi's name. She kept calling him Lawrence. Mommy's worried about Papsi, and wishes that someone that could provide a better home for him would kidnap him before it's too late.


  1. We wish efurry kitteh could be luffed and cared fur like us! Sum hoomans are just stoopid. We'll purr fur Papsi. xoxo

  2. Our best purrs fer Papsi... One more kitty that deserves a better home!

  3. Poor Papsi. I'll purr for him that he finds the home he deserves.