Thursday, September 1, 2011

Momma's cheating again...

Auntie San and PK came to visit me today. They came with yummy chinese food. After I finished my dinner I joined them at the coffee table for some yummy garlic noodles and shrimp from P.F. Changs. After dinner I got a pinch of a cinnamon sugar cupcake from "sprinkles". Mommy and Auntie San were both disappointed since there was no frosting on it. I still liked it.
After dinner they all disappeared. When they came back hours later they smelled like cats! Mommy said she played with the cutest little kittens. Shelli the new cat mommy only planned on going home with Eva but James fell in love with Brooklyn and so they ended up adopting two. Mommy said they were both super cute, playful and tiny. I'm jealous.

Eva - 4 months

Brooklyn - 2 months


  1. Your Momma's friends are good peoples - they adopted a tortie AND a black cat! Those cats often don't get a chance at a forever home. You just made us all so very happy - thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  2. It's OK if they cheat a little, as long as they come home to you!

  3. Well, they are pretty adorable, but so are you! Mebbe she will make it up to you in the form of treats and extra snuggles. Purrs.

  4. They are furry cute kittens, but I know your mom loves you best!

  5. Well, at least those kittens arent coming ta live with YOU!

  6. Try not to be jealous, Zero dear. Those kittens need homes and I know your Mom still loves you best!

    Love & hugs