Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had a little accident today. Actually two. Mommy found my ABC breakfast on the floor first and cleaned that up. Then on her way to the litterbox she saw this...

She points to it and says "Zero, what's this?!" it's obviously poop. She's stupid.

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  1. That's strange lookin poo,dood. Good luck explaining this one! Haf a pawsome day.

  2. Sometimes moms are a little bit dense. I do not like it when my Mommeh says "Daisy, what did you DO?!" Just open your eyes and look, ma!

  3. tell you mom it was from the abc breakfast.. it make your poop stick

  4. Wow!! I don't feel so alone anymore. I did that (again) just the other day. Thanks for letting me know it's, umm, okay.