Monday, May 9, 2011

Paws Crossed

The judging for the OKCats Tummy Contest has started! To view the photos and to vote for your favorite, please visit their blog entry at:  "Tummy Contest - The Entries"   But if you're a PETophile ...go away.

dreaming of winning for TVAR


  1. Hi Z, I voted for you! I hope they accept my vote, because I don't have my own blog. I just follow yours. Your updates are wonderful. It is so easy to see you are in a good, loving home and you are happy. And that is why I help with animal rescue in the little way I do (just by maintaining the FB page, and helping to plan events). Thanks for having a blog, Zeroichi! It makes me smile each time I come on to see what's new with you. And good luck on the tummy contest!! - Susie

  2. Thank you for voting Susie! You're nicer than mommy. She didn't vote for me. She's a very very mean mommy. humph.

    Mommy and I both think you're doing an excellent job with the FB page! We especially enjoy the updates about kitties and doggies finding new homes.