Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greenies Addiction

Mommy says I need to go to rehab since my addiction to greenies have been making me do some very bad things.

On valentines day while mommy was at work I found a bag of greenies on the counter. Mommy didn't notice it was missing since I'm not allowed on the counters. Everything was going really well until around 10:30pm. I thought mommy was distracted by the tv so I went into the hallway to munch on a few but the stupid bag made a rustling noise. Mommy started to turn around so I covered the bag with my body quickly so she wouldn't see what I had. She knew I was up to something and found this...

I got yelled at. And mommy took the bag away and put it in a ziploc bag and hid it from me. Last night I saw mommy moving it to my cabinet. I waited until mommy fell asleep and opened the cabinet and pulled out all the clothes ..but a stupid box of fancy feast was still in the way. Mommy woke up since i was pawing at the fancy feast and making a ruckus and caught me before I could get to the greenies. I'm in big trouble now. :(

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  1. Oh Zeroichi, we know how tempting those Greenies are!! Maybe you should lay off for a day or two and then when your mom least expects it, go back and try to get them out of that cabinet. Good luck!

  2. HaHaMeow! RE-HAB, SCMEE-HAB! You need to create a diversion. I'll send Princeton right ofur!

  3. Wow, I LOVE Greenies, but not even as much as you, Zeroichi!

  4. Hee! hee! Kozmo is the same about our Party Mix! But he hid his where our hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon could gets them and she gots in trouble for eating the bag in the middle of the night! We could send Cinnamon and Kozmo to your house!

  5. Wait a minute! You should get all the Greenies you want--they are good for you, right? Your Mom is crazy.