Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Kitty Playdate

What was mommy thinking? Was she getting back at me for the greenies incident?

Last night Auntie Sannie and PK came to visit with a kitten that didn't even have a name yet.

This little girl was everywhere. Eating my food, using my litterbox, playing with my toys and stealing mommy's attention.

I wasn't very happy. I don't care if I'm 4 times bigger than her and like 12lbs heavier...I didn't like her. She even hissed at me. maybe I started it...but I think I'll keep my distance.

Look at this smug little face of hers like she won this battle. I knew there was a reason why I like dogs more.

I hope this third play date fail will teach mommy that I'd rather be the only feline child in this household for now. I refused to sleep with her all of last night to teach her a lesson.

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  1. I think this little girl is beautiful. I hope you don't fall in love with her!! But wait, she's your cousin, so I guess that won't happen so I don't have to worry about her stealing you away.

    Love & hugs

  2. That kitty is very cute... but she's a tortie, and they DO have a tendency to take over!

  3. Play dates! Cats don't does play dates! Unless they is little.

  4. We gotta agree with Nellie! Kitty play date is an oxymoron.

  5. We are glad WE dont get forced ta have kitty playdates! I learned about that (as the visitor) on Thanksgiving. I just huddled in a corner fer 3 hours!


  6. She's kinda cute...good thing she didn't stay, though.

  7. She's gorgeous, but there's alot to be said fur bein an only kitteh! Trust me on this. There's four of us.