Friday, January 13, 2012

75% off

Mommy's friend was at PETCO since her dog Cosmo had obedience training class. (Sucks to be him. Us cats are so smart we don't have to go to school.) Mommy and aunt San stopped by to distract the doggies to try to get them in trouble. Mommy's evil like that. Said she squeaked some toys for me. I have her well trained. I love when mommy goes shopping especially at PETCO or Petsmart cuz she can never leave empty handed. I got a whole bunch of toys and outfits today. Mommy said they were 75% off. Yay lots of mice! Perfect since they always hide from me under the couch.

This toy here I'm not too sure of. It's for dogs and there's something kinda creepy about it...

Close-up of my face

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  1. We have a doggie toy too. We kinna like it. Its a big duck an it goes HONK! if ya pounce it just right.

  2. I'm not a fan of dog toys. I like little toys I can toss in the air, and usually dogs would just eat those kind of toys.

  3. That doggie toy is a little bit skerry!

  4. That pic is priceless, Zeroichi! Enjoy those new toys and thank you fur stopping by our blog yesterday wif sum purrs. xoxo